You focus on the meeting, we'll handle the notes.

Upload a recording of your meeting and get high quality:

  • AI generated meeting notes.
  • No bot invites or platform restrictions.
  • No fluff.
  • Privacy first. All meeting files and summaries get deleted.
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No more manual meeting notes. Try ✍️ hey can you take notes for free. If it doesn't transform your meetings, cancellation is just a click away.

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Helping 1000+ professionals never take meeting notes again.

How it works

Our customers love us

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No more transcribing or note taking during meetings, just pure focus on making things happen!

Patrick, Program Manager Ziplo
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With HCYTN I save so much time by eliminating the tedious task of note taking during meetings. I achieve more in less time and am super impressed with the quality!

Annie, CEO Inspyer Consulting Services

Okay I'm interested but...

How does this work?

Simply upload an audio recording of your meeting and press the 'Summarize' button. It's as easy as that. The meeting notes will be displayed in your browser, and you can copy them by clicking the 'Clipboard' button. We accept audio files in MP3, MP4, M4A, or MPEG format and up to a maximum size of 400MB (approximately 3+ hours of audio!). No need to invite a bot to your meeting or be tied to one video meet platform, any audio recording will do.

What types of output can I expect?

Outputs are in a constistent format everytime. The format consists of 3 section: key details, action items, and a tl;dr. The key details section lists detailed notes and the action items section icludes any follow up or assigned tasks. You can see our demo video for an example of the output or better yet try it out for yourself! We plan to offer various configurations and styles of output that you can toggle between in the near future.

How much does it cost?

All new users receive 2 hours of meetings completely free upon account creation (no credit card required).
Once you've enjoyed those hours, sign up for a plan to continue with an additional 7-day risk-free trial.

After your trial period, choose from our subscription plans, all of which you can cancel at any time:

- Starter ($15/mo) - 10 hours of meetings

- Value ($20/mo) - 20 hours of meetings

- Pro ($50/mo) - 50 hours of meetings

Note: Usage is determined by the length of the audio recording processed each time meeting notes are generated.

How long does it take?

The processing time varies but typically a 30 minute meeting takes around 1 minute on average. Larger audio files may take several minutes to process.

Is my data private?

We understand that organizations entrust us with their confidential business data, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Within the backend systems that we control directly (such as our AWS microservices), all user audio files, transcriptions, and output summaries are permanently deleted every 24 hours using an automated job. We use two service providers for ML inference: Deepgram and OpenAI. Both have stated that they do not use API queries in model fine-tuning. However, we recommend reviewing their respective privacy policies for more details.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes, please contact

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